reviews from park city buyers and sellers 

“Thank you for finding the perfect home for us. Your market knowledge and contacts were invaluable. We called you to help us shop for a second home in the mountains after finding your website. The home search function on your website was the most comprehensive and easiest to use that we found. At our first meeting, you provided us with more market information than any realtor ever has. Then you drove us around all the areas, showed us homes on the market and with your experience, told us the positives and negatives of each. When we found the area that most interested us, you worked to find the best deal. We never expected to find the house we wanted and to make an offer so quickly. Once we made an offer, we were impressed that you stayed with us and helped us through the difficult negotiation process, inspection, and recommended an outstanding mortgage lender. We are confident that if you had not been our realtor, we would still be shopping instead of moving in. We would highly recommend you to anyone looking for outstanding service. Please give our contact information to any potential clients.”

~Rebecca & Douglas T - Austin, TX

"For anyone looking to buy or sell in the Park City area I highly recommend Cindy Wallace. Her knowledge and experience really made a difference—from working closely with me in crafting an acceptable selling price and staging, to helping sift through multiple offers, answering all my questions, and facilitating the actual transaction, she got the job done. I can’t thank her enough."

~Lisa P - France

"I would highly recommend Cindy Wallace  for her expertise as a real estate professional. Cindy worked with us on our recent purchase of a lot in Park City. This was a remote purchase for us, so the process involved a number of visits, many phone calls and emails, over a period of a few years. Cindy took the time to educate us on the various neighborhoods in the PC area, and helped us down select to the neighborhoods providing the features most important to our needs. Throughout this process our focus shifted from homes, to condos and eventually to lots. Cindy's patience and dedication to our needs never waivered, and we are very happy with our purchase and of the thorough and knowledgeable support Cindy provided to us. Cindy made this long distance purchase very comforting with her frequent communications, her extensive knowledge of the area, and her responsiveness. Cindy was a joy to work with and we would absolutely use her again!."

~Marcus C & Angela K - VA

"Thank you so much for helping us find the perfect second home in Park City! Jeff and I can honestly say that we have never worked with a better realtor before. Who would have thought that just by a Google search I could have had such amazing luck!  Living in Texas we were not very educated on the exact area or things we needed to be looking for in a Park City home. But very quickly I knew that I could trust you and all the valuable information you gave us. From the very beginning you just drove me around and showed me all the different areas of Park City and surrounding areas and gave me the pros and cons of each. As we looked at homes you very quickly were able to ascertain what our priorities were and helped us narrow down the possibilities. More than any other realtor we have worked with, you followed through on every aspect of the purchase until the absolutely final closing date. You checked with the builder on things, you helped pull together documents because my husband was busy; you took pictures of the progress and met with our inspector since we were not there to do so. Anyone would be crazy to pick any other realtor beside you!"

~Jeff & Alyson P - Frisco, TX

"I can't believe I found a place in Park City! Without your help and knowledge, I would never have been able to do this. I had no idea about how the affordable housing provision worked there. I had never been exposed to regulations like those. Had you not been so current, I could have ended up with one of those properties when I did not want to be bound by those regulations. You kept me informed about all the properties I was interested in and did the research necessary for me to make an informed decision. Once I found the property I wanted, you were invaluable during the negotiation process. You provided all the information and contacts for me to get through the negotiation and the inspection process. Everything went smoothly at closing. I had no surprises! Thank you so much for your assistance. I will not hesitate to refer people to you. You may also have potential buyers contact me if you wish. The market requires buyers and sellers to have a very knowledgeable realtor. You go the extra mile! Thank you, again.

~Kathy D - Atlanta, GA

"As professional real estate investors in the Park City area, we rely heavily on the advice and information provided to us by our real estate agent. Over the years, Cindy Wallace has proven time and time again that her intimate knowledge of the area and her determination are one of a kind. Cindy has always gone above and beyond our expectations to provide us with exactly what we needed, but it wasn't until one evening at a rather rough closing that we saw just how important having a GREAT real estate agent could be. The other party in our transaction faxed over a list of demands that were not part of their original purchase agreement, obviously trying to take advantage of the fact that the deal was so close to being completed and feeling like they had some sort of extra leverage making demands at the closing table. We were infuriated by the situation, but Cindy remained calm and collected as she phoned the opposing party and firmly took control of the situation. We were so impressed with the way that Cindy handled the negotiation, and of her obvious conviction to insuring that our best interests were represented. Needless to say, none of the extra demands were relinquished and the closing went off without another hitch. To us, her phone call sounded like one we would never want to have to handle, but when we thanked her afterwards, she simply shrugged and said with a smile "Taking care of you is what I do."

~Katja & Andrew C - Huntington Beach, CA

Going beyond the call of duty! If you want a mediocre realtor there are hundreds of them. If you want a thorough professional who follows up on all the details, there are very few and Cindy Wallace is one of the few. I was both a buyer and a seller with Cindy. My new home purchase thru Cindy was three times that of my current home. Although the seller would not take a contingency, Cindy confidently assured me that she would be able to sell my listing in a month’s time. Not only did Cindy keep her commitment but brought in a sales price of nearly 40% more than I paid 20 months previously. She confidently and professionally worked with me through the negotiation of the new purchase. Cindy phoned, emailed or was at my home daily during these transactions.”

~Debbie B - St. George, UT

"Cindy came through in so many ways for us. Her insight into the local market and variety of properties was so helpful to us as out of state buyers. She took the extra time to follow up on things after we left town, including looking for properties that weren't yet on the market but could be.  She communicated well with us through the entire process, so we knew what to expect from offer to closing and beyond."

~Susan & Dr. William H - PA

“The best way to start is to describe Cindy -- we see Cindy as personable, involved, committed and thorough, truthful, knowledgeable, patient, and absolutely ‘invested’ to deliver what is in our interests. We started our search in March of 2014, when we contacted Cindy via the internet about available condominium properties in the Deer Valley and Park City areas. From our first phone conversation it was as though we had known each other for years. Cindy’s personal approach, and her clear, deep knowledge of the area, made our initial “available property tour” very educational and enjoyable. The process also enabled Cindy to become much clearer on our interests, likes/dislikes for properties and amenities, while we gained knowledge of the area. We started with one ‘vision’ of what we wanted and Cindy was able to shape this over time very effectively. As we were residing in Ohio, and only available to travel to Park City on occasion, Cindy became our eyes and ears to opportunities. Cindy made herself available for our myriad of e-mails regarding various properties we could see online, and shared her thoughts/perspective openly about the listings. She also personally visited many new listings (and old listings) to take pictures and provide additional insights not available on the MLS listings. During the summer months, we made two trips back to Park City to visit numerous properties. Cindy’s commitment to our search was amazing, and her willingness to share her thoughts was greatly appreciated and beneficial to our search. Our property search ended successfully, finding a place which we now call our second home. Cindy’s involvement escalated, supporting us tremendously with the ‘necessities’, including home inspections, assisting with documentation, suggesting individuals with local mortgage loan expertise, and finally with our closing. She really helped to “dot all of the i’s and cross the t’s” locally, truly appreciated given our location/distance. We highly recommend Cindy. If our property needs change in the future, Cindy will be our first phone call.”

~Ann & Scott W - OH

“Availability, patience, and responsiveness were my top priorities when looking to purchase a condo in Park City for my mother. Cindy met and she far exceeded our expectations. In fact, she did all the thinking for me, as my mom looked at condos for over 3 years, finally purchasing a condo this past spring. My mom, a healthy and vibrant women yet up in years, wanted a condo that she would eventually call home, could fit some of her special large pieces of furniture, as well as be by the bus system and in her price range. Not once did I feel pressured nor did my mom feel that we NEEDED to make a decision. I received prompt, responsive emails and I don't think she ever missed one of my telephone calls or texts. Providing a realistic view of the value of the properties in the area was perhaps by far her greatest asset to the purchase of my mom future home. She helped us price it, manage the negotiations, and actively advised us on the process – actually handling so many of the steps herself. I am, as is so many people, extremely busy. Cindy understood this and was always clear, concise, and straightforward along each step of the buying process. She truly respected my time and my mom’s ability to navigate the purchase across the country. Cindy Wallace has become a friend and advisor when it comes to real estate in Park City. I can’t thank her enough for all she did to help my mom and I. Without a doubt, I will consult Cindy Wallace the next time I conduct a real estate transaction in Park City.”

~Barbara W, MD - Utah

“Thank you for helping me find the perfect home. I was so fortunate to have found your website. I did not expect to find such a fast, friendly, competent assistance from a website inquiry. The home search function on your website was the most comprehensive and easiest to use that I have found. Your market knowledge and contacts were invaluable in my search. I never expected to find the house I wanted and to make an offer so quickly. Once the offer was made, I was impressed that you took me step by step through the process with the new electronic signing. Your help was invaluable through the difficult negotiation process, inspection, and final closing procedure. I was particularly impressed that you would actually go out and pour water on the concrete to see which way it drained. That is definitely above and beyond the call of duty. I am confident that if you had not been my realtor, I would still be shopping instead of moving in. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for outstanding service in the area. All the best to you and yours.”

~Wendy W - Park City, UT

"From a professional standpoint, you consistently made the initiative to go above and beyond each and every time.  This especially pertained to your follow-through on any of our questions/concerns or trying to familiarize us with the real estate practices, processes and laws within the state of Utah opposed to Connecticut.  Additionally, your availability for showings and in-person/over the phone discussions, as well as your promptness in regards to your communication, whether via phone or Email were impeccable.  Overall, through thick-and-thin, you managed to keep us “afloat”, whereas also kept us sane during times of uncertainty. If it weren’t for a collaboration of your professionalism, knowledge and trust, this purchase would not have been possible.  We feel extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with you and having had the opportunity to utilize you as our agent.  On this note and without hesitation, we would highly recommend you to anyone who is within the process of trying to locate/purchase a piece of real estate that pertains to their needs/interests.  Please feel free to pass our information along, should any of your current or future clients need a true testimonial about you and your services

~Tim & Soo F - Park City, UT

"Cindy Wallace has been our Realtor through the sale and purchase of 3 homes. Upon interviewing at least 5 Realtors in 2008 both my husband and I decided that Cindy was the most professional and organized realtor we interviewed. We also were impressed with the brochures she provides along with the home slide shows for the web. All marketing was done very well and presented our homes in the best lighting and angles possible. Cindy was calm and informative during even the most difficult decisions and emotions that go along with selling and purchasing a home. We feel fortunate to have had her represent us during these very important financial decisions. We highly recommend Cindy because she is up-to-date with all things real estate in Park City, UT

~Todd & Julie E - Heber City, UT

Choosing Cindy as our real estate agent to help us sell our home was one of the best decisions my new husband and I made together. Cindy is very professional, easy (and fun!) to work with and she really understands the market, especially in Park City. One of my favorite things I loved about working with Cindy is that she made selling a house a learning experience. She took the time to explain everything to us. When we received our first offer on a house, she sat down with us and explained every single document so it was clear to us what the offer really presented. She is very thorough, we never felt rushed and she made sure ALL our questions were answered. I always felt like she gave us honest advice and that we could trust her. She is someone who I would definitely use again, when the time comes. If anyone is considering using Cindy as their real estate agent and would like a personal reference, please do not hesitate to contact me!

~Jeanne & Richard C - Bayfield, CO

"I can't say enough positive comment about how you came through for us. Our time was limited when we came into town and you were organized and ready to run when we arrived.  Although we only had a short time in town and had a deadline to purchase a place, you made everything work out smoothly. We also appreciated the extra phone calls you made in search of properties that might come on the market, but weren't listed yet. Your insight into the local market and different properties was so helpful in our decision making, as out of state buyers. Thank you for taking the extra time to look at a property on our behalf, after we left, and for taking photos to share with us that truly showed what the property looked like and helped in our decision making.  We are thankful that we had the opportunity to work with you. I know that when we next look to buy or sell in the Park City area, we will definitely be in contact with you."

~Jodi & Rick H - Cheshire, CT

"Your excellent web site, which we used for our initial research in the area, set very high expectations and you didn’t disappoint us one bit. Living so far from Park City, we were concerned about handling the day-to-day of the purchase but you took that concern from our shoulders by staying on top of the process, providing us with continuous feedback and becoming our trusted voice with the different involved parties: the seller, the lender, the home inspector, the title company… The couple of times we had to fly over, you made sure that our time was spent efficiently while making our stay very enjoyable. And you provided us with very useful tips that will help us settle down in our new home. We will certainly use your services if we are ever again in the need of a real estate agent in the area and we highly recommend anybody in that situation to give you a call. They won’t regret it!"

~Vanessa T & Alberto B - Atlanta, GA

"Availability and responsiveness were my top priorities when selling my vacation-rental property in Park City.  Cindy met and far exceeded my expectations. In fact, she did all the thinking for me. I received prompt, responsive emails and I don't think she ever missed one of my telephone calls. Providing a realistic view of the value of my property was perhaps by far her greatest asset to the sale of my home. She helped us price it, and with her advice, we had our first offer at list price within two weeks of the property hitting the market. I am, as is everybody else, extremely busy. Cindy understood this and was always clear, concise, and straightforward along each step of the selling process. She truly respected my time. Hands down I will consult Cindy Wallace the next time I conduct a real estate transaction in Park City."

~Jennifer & John L - Laguna Beach, CA

“Thank you so much for helping us find the perfect vacation home! We cannot describe in words how easy and fun you made the process. You listened to our needs and only showed us houses that met those needs. Additionally and most importantly you advised us of the local market conditions, and pros/cons of each property. Your vast knowledge and experience is evident. We could not have done this without you. Buying a house while living in another state can be very stressful, however since you were there every step of the way, updating us with emails and pics we were able to calmly and confidently complete this transaction. Thanks for being our “local” eyes and ears! We look forward to creating many family memories in the coming years. Thank you again for helping us achieve this goal. You are a great realtor and a credit to your profession!”

~John G - San Antonio, TX

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